Wilderness of Sin

It has been almost 6 months since I have written on my blog.  There are many reasons that I could list as to why I have not written but the truth is there is only one reason, and that is sin!

I have allowed everything and everyone to take precedence over the call of God on my life.  I lost a church, but found a better church.  I lost friends, but gained better friends.  My marriage has struggled, my finances have struggled and my life has felt like a roller coaster.  And through it all God has never left my side.  I was the one that turned my back on God.  It has been so easy to be mad at God for what I have walked through, but I have realized that the person I should be angry with is myself!

Why be this real to the whole world?  Because I believe I am not the only one that has blamed God for things that we should be blaming ourselves for.  If you are angry at the world, angry at God, or angry at someone else, STOP.  Take a mirror out and examine yourself.  Most of the time the problem is yourself.

The children of Israel became angry at God as their journeyed led them into the wilderness of sin, Exodus 16.  They murmured against Moses and Aaron and demanded to know “was it God’s plan to allow them to starve to death in the wilderness?”  Now remember they had already experienced God’s miraculous hand at work in their lives and yet they already doubted God.  Are you doubting God?  Don’t became like the Israelites.  Remember what God has already done in your life and stand on those victories in times of doubt.

God will always bring the light of His glory into the darkness of your situation.

“And in the morning, then ye shall see the glory of the Lord; for that he heareth your murmurings against the Lord…” Exodus 16:7

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