Prayerlessness, Is it a sin?

Have you ever considered that our lack of prayer could be a sin? I have to admit that I had never thought about not praying being a sin until just the last several days.  When I look around at all that is taking place in this world as well as taking place in the lives of those around me, myself included, I have to ask “are we praying?”  The answer to that question is one only we can answer individually, but for myself, I have to say I am complaining more that I am praying. 

In 1 Samuel 12, Samuels gives his farewell speech to the nation of Israel and in it he declares “…God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you…” (23). What if our unwillingness to pray to God has allowed sin to come into our life’s?  Or on the flip side, what if our prayers could prevent some of our trials and tribulations?  These are questions that I want you to ask yourself and ask God.

As I look at my own walk, I have come to realize that many of my problems could be handled far quicker if only I am will to take it to the Lord in prayer and leave it with Him once I prayed.  David cries out to God in Psalms 141 and asks God tomake haste to me; give ear to my voice, when I cry to you. 2Let my prayer be set forth before you as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.”  Do you want God to hear your prayers and have your prayers surround Him as an incense?  Then all you have to do is ask like David asked.  God tell us that we have not because we ask not (Matt7:7).

Praying to God is as easy as talking to a friend.  Don’t feel like you can’t pray because all of us can pray.  Don’t let anything stop you from calling out to God.  So many times the Devil will tell us that we don’t have the right to pray and ask God for anything.  I want to assure you that even in the midst of our sin, we can always call out to God and He will hear us.  Samuel told the Israelites that God would not “forsake His people” (v22) and the same is true today.  God loves you and He will hear your cries.

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