May 30, 2013

God has a way of getting your attention even when you don’t realize that He is talking to you.  Recently God revealed an area of deception that I had allowed to come into my life.  God told me to make it right and I most definitely did not want to do it. I was more concerned about the way that I would be perceived than I was about obeying God.

The longer I contemplated what to do, the more I really did not want to do it.  I would love to seat here and say that God made me do it, but that would not be the truth.  But what did happen was that Holy Spirit revealed to me that I had just sin against God through disobedience.  As I struggled with what had just been shown me, I realized that I wanted, no needed, to obey God.  I knew that the heaviness of sin had just been given place in my life through my own hands.  I had to make the matter right.  Yes it was uncomfortable for me, but I obeyed God.  As I pondered on what had just happened in my walk with the Lord, this message started to take shape.

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