God has a way of getting your attention even when you don’t realize that He is talking to you.  Recently God revealed an area of deception that I had allowed to come into my life.  God told me to make it right and I most definitely did not want to do it. I was more concerned about the way that I would be perceived than I was about obeying God.

The longer I contemplated what to do, the more I really did not want to do it.  I would love to seat here and say that God made me do it, but that would not be the truth.  But what did happen was that Holy Spirit revealed to me that I had just sin against God through disobedience.  As I struggled with what had just been shown me, I realized that I wanted, no needed, to obey God.  I knew that the heaviness of sin had just been given place in my life through my own hands.  I had to make the matter right.  Yes it was uncomfortable for me, but I obeyed God.  As I pondered on what had just happened in my walk with the Lord, this message started to take shape.

How many times do we open the door to sin and struggles in our own life?  Through our disobedience to God’s leading, we open the doors to some many of our own problems.  And yet we blame God for everything that is going wrong in our lives when we should be looking no farther than ourselves.  Disobedience is nothing new to God, He knew that we would stumble and fall so He showed us in His word how to be overcomers.

Jonah was prophet used by God to speak to a heathen nation, Assyria, and warn them of God’s impeding wreath.  God commanded Jonah to go to Nineveh and cry out to them but instead of going to Nineveh, Jonah fled unto Tarshish.  Like I said earlier, God has a way of getting our attention and that is exactly what He did to Jonah.  While aboard a ship sailing to Tarshish, a storm arise that threatened to sink the ship.  The crew called every man to call out to his god, but Jonah was asleep and the captain had to awake him.  Jonah knew that he was in full blown disobedience to God and yet he ignored all around him that was showing him that he needed to make things right with God.  Do we not do that now?  God will show us that we need to repent and come back to Him and yet we refuse to look at the signs.  Stop being mad because of a problem that you are going through and ask God is there sin in your life that has opened the door to your struggles?

Once Jonah awoke and realized what was happening, he asked to be cast into the sea so that no other would be harmed.  Is your disobedience to God causing harm to those around you?  For myself, I have seen where my unwillingness to God’s call on my life has opened up financial struggles for my whole family.  It is not that God has caused it; it’s that I gave the enemy access to my life through sin.  For some what I am saying might seem wrong, but study the word.  Is not God showing us in the book of Jonah how Jonah’s sin caused others to have to suffer?  But God’s always there for us, even in our sin.  As Jonah was cast into the sea and swallowed by a fish, he cried out to God and surrendered himself to Him.  God then used Jonah to save a whole city.  God not only has a plan for you but a plan to use you.

I can hear some saying, “So God will make you do what He wants”.  No, He will not.  But God knows everything about you (psalm 139:1), He fearfully and wonderfully made you (psalm139:14) and He has a plan for your life,“plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”(Jeremiah 29:11) 

Let God’s plan for your life flow, exam your heart and ask God to teach you to walk in obedience.  The plans He has for your future will bless you.


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