January 2, 2014

Each one of us has a voice.  Soft, gentle, loud, irritating, cross, annoying, etc., the voice types are unending but the one thing that is true for each of us is that we all have a voice.  Whether we choose to use that voice determines if we are going to be heard.

Just this last month we heard the voice of Phil Robertson, from Duck Dynasty, say what was on his mind.  For some, what he said was harsh and unnecessarily over the top and for others what he said was real and straight forward.  Whether you liked what he said or not is not what matters.  The fact that he chose to use his voice is what is important.  How many Christians are standing up and saying to the world what God’s word says about sin?  One of the things that Phil Robertson said was “Everything is blurred on what’s right and wrong … sin becomes fine.”  The truth of that statement should be shouted from every church steeple in America.  But instead of the world looking at the sins that we have allowed to turn us form God and His word, we have chosen to focus on the descriptive nature of one sin in hopes of deflecting the conversation away from the truth of God’s word.

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