September 28, 2015

Most people might think life’s pretty dull on an old dirt road, but I am here to tell you most people would be 100% wrong. This story begins on just such a road and there are no dull parts to this story, definitely moments of uncertainty and maybe a little fear, but dull, most certainly not.

I am starting to realize that some of the greatest spiritual victories have taken place on old dirt roads. Paul, Mary, Abraham, Moses, each one of their stories involved a road that started out in apparently tragedy but ended in everlasting victory. I would imagine that those traveling on such a road were not feeling victorious during their long dusty walk but God’s word tells us to “kept the faith, finish the course and fight the good fight(2 Tim 4:7). That is my clarion call for writing this article, “Fight the good fight and finish the race!”

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