February 19, 2016

Jesus knows the heart of a man. He looks past what the natural eye sees and sees into the inner depth of who we are. Jesus doesn’t see color, or wealth. He doesn’t see the fancy clothes we wear or the airs that we try and put on to make ourselves feel important. He sees past all of that and sees the very thing that makes us who we are and He is calling each one of us to embrace that reality and walk the road that we are called to walk.

In order to walk that road, we must learn to love ourselves. If you find your love for yourself in the value and worth of what others say about you, then you will forever fail to truly love You. Why? Because in man’s eyes you will never be good enough. You will never measure up to the expectations that man will place on you. You will never love yourself if the standard that you use is man’s measurements and not God’s.

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