March 22, 2016

I had a pastor that preached a sermon one time and he said “God will offend your flesh to save your spirit.”  Man what a deep revelation. It really brings tears to my eyes.  We have a father in heaven that loves us so much that He will not allow us to continue to live in our sin and thus end up in hell.  I want you to pause for just a second and let that sink in.  God loves you!  His love is so unmeasurable that He will do whatever must be done to save your spirit.  I don’t know about you but that realization is beyond huge.  To have someone that would move mountains to ensure that I have an eternity with Him.  Man that is love.

We think that love covers up sin or love overlooks sin, but that is a lie.  True love tells us the things that we don’t want to hear.  True love sacrifices so that the one that is loved can be set free.  That is what God did when He sent His son, Jesus.  He demonstrated His true love for us, by sacrificing His most precious thing, His son.  God’s love at times can be painful, Jesus’ death is the perfect example of that.  But in the end, the pain of true love is worth all of the suffering because the victory is eternal.

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