June 2, 2016

In today’s world we do not have to look far to see someone that has more than we have.  Or someone that looks better than we look.  Or someone that seems to have few or no problems.  But I am here to tell you stop looking at others and keep your focus on the Lord.

It is so easy to look at someone else and see yourself as less than.  That is the whole trick of the enemy, to make you feel as though you are less than everyone around you.  If satan is successful in making you believe that lie, than you will never become who you are supposed to be.

I have struggled for years comparing myself to others and somehow I always find myself coming up on the short end.  The conversation usually goes something like:  “they have more money than you, or they look better than you, or they don’t have the struggles that you have.”  Could some of these statements be true?  Yes, but whether they are true or not is not my concern.  God wants me to keep my eyes on Him and that is what He wants all of us to do.

Imagine if each one of us grasped the reality that we are truly “uniquely made” (Psalms 139:14).  We would no longer run to this doctors to have this thing nipped and that doctor to have that thing tucked.  We would not look at fashion magazines and then go on a 10 day juice fast so that our thighs looked like “so and so.”  I not saying that we should not want to be the best “me” that we can be, but what I am saying is love who you are.

Holy Spirit spoke to me and reminded me of John the Baptist.  The bible says that he was the “for runner of Jesus” and yet he looked and acted nothing like you would imagine.  John the Baptist was a “wilderness man,” a man who from childhood had lived “in the wilderness until the day he was revealed to Israel” (Luke 1:80).  He was a man whose raiment was made of “camel’s hair, and had a leathern girdle about his loins; and his meat was locusts and wild honey.” (Matt 3:4).  He oblivious was not trying to keep up with the “Joneses”, he was doing and being exactly what God had intended.

God wants each of us to find our worth in Him and not in the world.  If you find yourself looking at others and finding yourself less than, then it is time to refocus your eyes on the one that uniquely made you.

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