January 24, 2017

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  2 Corth. 12:9

     As a Christian, one of the first aspects (or dimensions) of God that we experience is His grace.  That grace is what opens the door for us to receive salvation from Jesus.  God’s word tells us “for by grace you have been saved” Eph 2:8  Is is also that same grace that helps us daily in our walk with the Lord.

     Throughout my Christian walk, I have often declared over myself “God’s grace is sufficient”.  Those words were spiritual weapons that stayed in my arsenal ready to be used at the first sign of a spiritual battle.  However, I never bothered to take the time to look up the rest of the scripture until just recently.

     Two years ago, God told me to take a job working with troubled youth in my youngest daughter’s school.  There was no doubt in my mind that God opened this door for me but I knew that I could only do it with His help.  Part of that help was to equip myself with scriptures.  So I went about placing scriptures on my desk and as God showed me new ones,  I would added them to my desk.  I knew that those scriptures would give me the tools I needed when troubled arose.  I thought my battles would only be with the students, never once thinking that those scriptures would also give me strength and guidance in dealing with the adults as well.  One day I learned that one of the woman at the school had a problem with me and was speaking half truths about my character.  To say I was upset would have been an understatement.  My first reaction was to confront her.  I wanted to call her out on what she was saying but God had another plan.  He placed a fellow believer in my path that prayed with me and told me to seek the Lord.  As I returned to my classroom, the first thing that my eyes fell upon was the scripture 2 Corth. 12:9 that was taped to my desk.  And instead of only focusing on the first part of that scripture, I read the entire scripture for the first time.  As I read it and reread it, the only thing that I keep hearing in my spirit was “my power is made perfect in weakness”.  The Lord wanted me to give Him my anger and allow myself to become weak in His presence.  Meaning that I gave up my right to be angry, I gave up my right to call her out, I gave up my right to “punish her” and through giving all of that to God I would be left with nothing but weakness.

As I slowly gave it all to Him, I felt like a fighter that had just finished 10 rounds with the world champion.  I had nothing left to give.  I sat at my desk overcome with emptiness and it was at that point that the Lord started to give me a love for the very one that had spoke so much against me.  It was no longer about what she said and who she said it to, it was about God, Jesus and Holy Spirit being in control.  As I become weak, God’s power was made perfect and He gave me the grace to see her through the love of my Savior Jesus.

What if we all became weak in the Lord?  What if we all gave our anger, our frustrations, our brokenness, our disappointments to the Lord and allowed Him to become strong.  I know that we would look at those that hurt us in a different light.  But most of all, I believe that the more we released ourselves to God, the more His grace would abound.  Let this be the day that you become weak in the Lord so that His power will be made strong in you.

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