March 15, 2017

“You are the salt of the earth … you are the light of the world.. let your light so shine before men..” Matt 5:13,14,16

Jesus commissioned believers in Him to be salt and light to the world.  He called all of us, that call ourselves Christians, to a higher level of living.  One that not just allows us to exit, living day to day in this world, but to a life that impacts those around us.  Jesus did not call us to an unattainable way of living but one that He knew would be possible if we gave ourselves 100% to the Father through Him. 

To be salt and light requires a change in ourselves and salvation in Jesus is the first step in that change process.  When we ask Him into our hearts, we make the decision to step out of the darkness and turn to walk in the light.  Jesus tells us in Matt. 5: 1-12 what we will look like as we walk as the light and salt to this world.  We will be “poor in spirit” (humble), “merciful”, “meek” (gentle), “seek after righteousness”, “pure in heart” and “peacemakers”.  Jesus knew that this higher level of moral and ethical living would not be possible on our own.  He let us know exactly what living for Him would require as well as what would happen once the decision was made.  The persecution would be great and yet He said “rejoice and be glad” when people persecute you, insult you and falsely accuse you because the reward will be great in Heaven. (v. 11,12)

As Christians our life is not our own.  We ask Jesus to not only be our Savior but our Lord.  We are to led a submitted life to the Lord and that means being salt and light.  If we allow our life to cease being that, then we become as Jesus says in verse 13: “good for nothing” in need of being “throw out and trampled by men”.

When I think about being a light for Jesus, I think about Corrie tin Boom.  She was a Dutch Holocaust survivor whose family was captured by the Nazis’ during WWII for being Jewish sympathizers.   After being captured, she and her sister (Betsie) ended up serving time in Ravensbruck concentration camp, a woman’s labor camp.  It was there that Corrie’s sister died.  Yet despite the hatred and evil that surrounded them, they still were a light for Jesus.  They held worship services in their barracks knowing that if they were found out it would be certain death.  Once Corrie was released, she continued a life for the Lord sharing with all that she encountered about His love.  She was a light in the darkness of that concentration camp.  Both her and her sister allowed their lights to shine in what, for all intensive purposes, appeared to be complete darkness.  On Betsis’ death bed, she told her sister “there is no pit so deep that He (God) is not deeper still.” No matter what we are walking through, He can use it and allow His light to shine through it.  We just have to have a made us mind that we will shine no matter what the circumstances are.

We are not asked to be salt and light, but we are commissioned to be. We are given an order from our Savior to affect our world.  We might be the only salt and light in our current situation.  Whether it be in our home, on our job, on the mission field, or in the market place, we MUST shone for Jesus.  This world is hurting.  They are turning to anything and everything to fill the hurt and loneliness of this world and yet they are not finding it.  But once they encounter the salt and light of Jesus, they will be changed.

If your light has failed or your salt has lost it’s savor, sin has entered into your heart.  Ask Holy Spirit to show you how and when it happened.  Wait on the answer and when you receive it, ask Jesus to forgive you.  Jesus called you to be His hand and feet, allow Him to use you to affect this world.

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