• While We Move Rocks, God Moves Mountains

    While We Move Rocks, God Moves Mountains

  • God Guides, I Follow

    God Guides, I Follow

  • We Are Made New Through Christ

    We Are Made New Through Christ

I can say with 100% confidence that we have all made at least one decision based on feelings.  I am also just as confident that some of those decisions, just like my own, ended badly.  And with the passing of time, it was discovered that the feelings used to make the decision were wrong.

A motto that I have lived by for many years and that was birthed out of a rash of wrong decisions is “feelings are not fact.” It has become some of the best advice that I give myself.  It really is a great rule of thumb for all of us to live by.  However, I have recently wondered what happens when feelings are fact.  How should one react when the way you have been feeling is confirmed to be a fact?

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While at church a few Sundays ago, our praise and worship team sang “Bless it be the Name of the Lord.”  When our praise team got to the lyrics “He gives and takes away” I had to stop singing.  All I could think of was that I was declaring that God gives His blessings and He takes them away.  I spoke to our praise team leader afterwards and shared my thoughts as well as why I couldn’t sing the rest of the song.

That conversation made me research the origins of the song.  I discovered the song writer, Matt Redman, wrote the song soon after 911.  Matt Redman stated that “the spiritual and emotional climate of the times was an important factor in the birthing of this song.”  The nation was looking and needing to find an answer to the destruction that 911 caused not only to our land but to our hearts and souls.  Many turned to God for those answers and found peace in His presence.

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To go deeper with God you have to be willing to go from level to level.  You have to be willing to transition.

God has deeper depths for each one of us.  What that looks like on an individual basis is between you and God but you have to be willing to move.  At times the transition is going to be hard:  the loss of a job, the loss of a child, the loss of a dream.  No one can predict what the next level will look like, only God.  Trust God.  He loves you more than you know.

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I woke up several mornings ago and had a conversation with God about my feelings.  I was telling Him about how my husband was making me feel and about how this was unfair and that was unfair and I remembered my resolution for this year:  no negative thoughts.  I had not gone into a full-blown pity party session but I could have easily arrived at that party if I would have continued down the road of negativity that I was traveling.

Was everything that I was feeling true, yes.  Was everything that I was telling God true, yes.  But I had to make a choice.  Would I continue this negative conversation or would I state the facts and then ask the Lord for help in dealing with them.  And in asking for help, I would also speak and think God’s word and turn my negative feelings and thoughts into positive declarations.

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Have you ever looked at a sunset and just saw the sun, then you saw a person experiencing their first ever sun set.  You watch and see how they take it in as though it was life giving breath.  They pause and stare at the sun as the last strands of light slowly set into the horizon and then they draw in a long breath and slowly let it out realizing the beauty that they just witnessed was created by the hand of the greatest artist in the universe, God.

When we just look with our eyes, we could miss the greatness of what God created for us to see.  If we walk through life just looking, we will miss the power of God’s work in our life.  We have to stop and SEE what is going on around us.

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I was recently looking at photos on Facebook and as I closed the window on Facebook I started to feel discouraged.  The enemy had started to attack me in an area of my life that God had already given me victory, my self-esteem.  I started to compare myself to those that I was reading about.  The enemy then starts to tell me “you are not good enough”, “you don’t matter”, and “you are nothing because you don’t have this or aren’t doing that.”  As I closed my computer down and went into the next room, I started to dwelling on all those different thoughts.  As I felt myself being sucked into a black hole, I started to believe the lies that Satan was saying, I thought “those are true.” 

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Each one of us has a voice.  Soft, gentle, loud, irritating, cross, annoying, etc., the voice types are unending but the one thing that is true for each of us is that we all have a voice.  Whether we choose to use that voice determines if we are going to be heard.

Just this last month we heard the voice of Phil Robertson, from Duck Dynasty, say what was on his mind.  For some, what he said was harsh and unnecessarily over the top and for others what he said was real and straight forward.  Whether you liked what he said or not is not what matters.  The fact that he chose to use his voice is what is important.  How many Christians are standing up and saying to the world what God’s word says about sin?  One of the things that Phil Robertson said was “Everything is blurred on what’s right and wrong … sin becomes fine.”  The truth of that statement should be shouted from every church steeple in America.  But instead of the world looking at the sins that we have allowed to turn us form God and His word, we have chosen to focus on the descriptive nature of one sin in hopes of deflecting the conversation away from the truth of God’s word.

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The other day I was watching “Extreme Weight Loss” on the TV.  The young girl on the show had reached out to the show’s producers for help losing weight.  She was chosen to receive any assistance she needed to reach her goal weight within a year, including having the trainer move in with her.  The first task she was given was to run the distance between two life guard watch stations on the beach.  Considering her physical condition, she knew it would be a challenge.  But it was not her body that broke down first, it was her emotions.  You see she had been give up for adoption at birth and her whole life she lived with the weight of rejection.  She found herself raging on that beach as the pain of rejection surfaced.

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Hello world,

The  most awesome thing happened today.  God in His awesomeness used my daughter to bring light into a dark moment.  While out purchasing items for my children to go to camp, I ended up spending more than I expected.  As I paid for my purchases a sense of despair overcame me.  I knew that I needed all that I had just purchased but I also knew that I needed some of that money for other items.  Once I got home the feeling of despair just deepened.  Now you would think that I as a Christian would know to turn to God and lean on Him.  I know what the word says and as a tither and giver I have promises I can stand on.  But sometime it is hard to see where your salvation will come from when you are in the storm.

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